Above image: A now closed Kay Jewelers Outlet Store in New Jersey on a rainy night. (Source Paul Zimnisky)


Paul is a regular contributor to industry leading trade journals including: The London Mining Journal, Mining Review Africa, Kitco, World Diamond Magazine and Jeweller Magazine. Some examples that have run in print are available below. 

> [PDF] What to Expect in 2024 Diamond Price Plunge

   The Northern Miner [Print], March 1, 2024

> [PDF] Diamond Prices Poised For a Rebound in 2024

   Solitaire International Magazine [Print], January 1, 2024

> [PDF] “Mid-market” Weighs on Industry in 2023

   Solitaire International Magazine [Print], August 1, 2023

> [PDF] LGD Sales Grow as Prices Fall

   Diamond Mirror Magazine [Print], January 15, 2023

> [PDF] Despite Dour Sentiment, Demand Could Surprise

   Solitaire International Magazine [Print], January 1, 2023

> [PDF] Forecasting the Future in Times of Great Change

   Jeweller Magazine [Print], October 1, 2022

> [PDF] Macroeconomic Uncertainly Tempers Expectations

   Solitaire International Magazine [Print], August 1, 2022

> [PDF] Lab-created Diamond Jewellery Forecast to Double by 2025

   Jeweller Magazine [Print], December 1, 2021

> [PDF] Diamond Prices Charging Towards an All-time High

   Mining Review Africa [Print], September 30, 2021

> [PDF] China Driving Global Diamond Demand

   Solitaire International Magazine [Print], September 1, 2021

> [PDF] Pandemic Could Be A Catharsis for the Diamond Industry

   SA Mining Magazine [Print], February 1, 2021

> [PDF] La Pandemia Podría Ser Una Catarsis Para Del Diamante (Spanish)

   Gold and Time Magazine [Print], February 1, 2021

> [PDF] Inflation Concerns Support Diamond Prices

   The Northern Miner [Print], October 26, 2020

> [PDF] India-based Diamond Processing Hub Re-opens at Lower Volumes

   The Northern Miner [Print], June 10, 2020

> [PDF] Diamond Production Forecasted to Fall Again in 2020

   Mining Review Africa [Print], January 1, 2020

> [PDF] Diamonds: What to Look for in 2020

   SA Mining Magazine [Print], January 1, 2020

> [PDF] Synthetic, Created, Lab-grown: What Should We Call These?

   Jeweller Magazine [Print], December 1, 2019

> [PDF] As Global Demand Rises, Market Prices Will Improve

   World Diamond Magazine [Print], July 1, 2019

> [PDF] Diamond Recycling Could Save the Natural Industry

   SA Mining Magazine [Print], June 1, 2019

> [PDF] A Diamond By Any Other Name?

   The Northern Miner, Diamonds In Canada [Print], June 1, 2019

> [PDF] Diamonds: A Not So Shiny Outlook

   Mining Review Africa [Print], January 15, 2019

> [PDF] Lab-created Diamond Jewellery Market to Grow to US$15B by 2035

   Jeweller Magazine [Print], December 1, 2018

> [PDF] Replenishing the Diamond Pipeline

   The Northern Miner [Print], August 20, 2018

> [PDF] The Price of Lab-created Diamonds Continue to Fall

   The Northern Miner, Diamonds In Canada [Print], June 1, 2018

> [PDF] Diamond Market Slows After Strong Recovery

   The Northern Miner, Diamonds In Canada [Print], November 1, 2017

> [PDF] Noteworthy Diamond Discoveries on the Rise

   Mining Review Africa [Print], November 1, 2017

> [PDF] Searching for Clarity

   The London Mining Journal [Print], August 25, 2017

> [PDF] Under Pressure

   The Northern Miner, Diamonds In Canada [Print], June 1, 2017

> [PDF] A Busted Project Pipeline

   The London Mining Journal [Print], September 9, 2016

> [PDF] Mixed Picture for Diamonds

   The London Mining Journal [Print], September 9, 2016

> [PDF] Lucara Results Have Deeper Meaning

   The London Mining Journal [Print], September 18, 2015

> [PDF] Diamond Miners Roll Out Dividends

   The London Mining Journal [Print], June 19, 2015

> [PDF] Diamond Price Hits Two-Year Low

   The London Mining Journal [Print], May 15, 2015

> [PDF] What It Will Take For The Synthetic Diamond Industry...

   The London Mining Journal [Print], May 8, 2015

> [PDF] Pressure Remains On 'Stable' Diamond Industry

   The London Mining Journal [Print], April 24, 2015

> [PDF] Canadian Production On The Rise

   The Northern Miner, Diamonds In Canada [Print], Nov 2014

> [PDF] Power Struggle

   The London Mining Journal [Print], Sept 12, 2014

> [PDF] De Beers Market Share To Rebound

   The London Mining Journal [Print], July 18, 2014

> [PDF] The State Of Global Rough Diamond Supply In 2014

   The Northern Miner, Diamonds In Canada [Print], May 2014

> [PDF] Table Toppers/Testing Times

   The London Mining Journal, Diamond Special [Print], May 2014