Podcast Episode: Stuart Brown

In this 41st episode of the Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics Podcast, Paul enthusiastically welcomes Stuart Brown to the show. As the former co-CEO of De Beers and most recently CEO of Mountain Province Diamonds, Stuart provides a glimpse into the mind of one of the most prominent executives in the diamond industry. The conversation begins with Paul posing the big question: how long will diamonds stay relevant in the modern and changing consumer economy? Next, the discussion more specifically turns to lab-diamonds and Stuart talks about his time as a board member of Element 6 and how the industry viewed the threat of lab-diamond jewelry 15 years ago. Then, the two talk about diamond exploration and new mine development and the longer-term viability of natural diamond supply. Paul and Stuart then discuss industry marketing and why it works and Stuart shares how much he thinks the industry needs to spend in this area. Next, Stuart briefly shares a story of how he took the initiative to purchase the “Peace in Africa” ship while working for De Beers in his earlier days while high-level executives were on Christmas holiday (it is now one of the company’s most prominent mining vessels in operation off of the coast of Namibia). Finally, the two discuss the pending executive shift at De Beers and what it could mean for the larger industry.
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Hosted by: Paul ZimniskyGuest: Stuart BrownGuest plug: Stuart's LinkedIn pageDate recorded: October 18, 2022Date published: October 26, 2022Length: 55:13
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