Podcast Episode: Rob Bates (6th Appearance)

Paul welcomes Rob Bates back to the show to discuss the release of his third book in the Diamond District Mystery Series, "Slay it With a Diamond." The conversation begins with Paul asking Rob if he gets a “serotonin boost” upon the completion of a book. Next, the two delve into the question of whether there will be a specific cataclysmic moment that changes the trajectory of the lab-diamond industry as supply feverishly grows and prices fall. Next, Paul and Rob explain why they think natural diamonds will persevere in the midst of current challenges and Paul shares why he thinks Paris-based Fred Joaillier’s approach to lab-diamonds will be successful. The two then discuss what percentage of lab-diamond consumers want people to think it’s a natural and Rob’s talks about expressing emotion with a Cracker Jack ring. Finally, Paul and Rob analyze De Beers' strategy towards lab-diamonds and the resale of natural diamonds.
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Hosted by: Paul ZimniskyGuest: Rob BatesGuest plug: Amazon link to buy Rob’s third bookDate recorded: September 13, 2023Date published: September 21, 2023Length: 1:13:48
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