Podcast Episode: Evgeny Agureev

ALROSA’s Deputy CEO and head of the company’s United Selling Organization, Evgeny Agureev, joins the show from Moscow, Russia. Paul and Evgeny begin by discussing the current state of diamond industry fundamentals and whether the “good times will last.” Next, Evgeny shares his thoughts on ALROSA’s short, medium, and longer-term supply potential. The conversation then shifts to mid-stream participant demand for rough and Evgeny talks about the industry’s shifting priority towards ESG initiatives when sourcing goods. Lastly, the two discuss innovation in rough diamond sales platforms and ALROSA’s new sales system which prioritizes allocating rough to clients that provide the greatest value-add.
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Hosted by: Paul ZimniskyGuest: Evgeny AgureevGuest plug: www.alrosa.ruDate recorded: December 21, 2021Date published: January 4, 2022Length: 22:33
More information on PZDA’s State of the Diamond Market report can be found here.
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